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Phuket, 25 October, 2022

Tour of the Awakened Dragons - THAILAND (Phuket) 2022

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Tuesday, 25th October 22

Nai Harn Beach


Ishtriahan Mendy


Shaman, Healer and Artist

Founder and Director of Horus Project


I was born and raised in Chile, South America. My parents were deeply involved in their own personal and spiritual development, reason why they were able provide precious developmental and spiritual tools of awareness during my childhood.

As a result, I grew up in awareness and consciousness of a bigger purpose from a very early age. This led me to discover my mission. A mission that has been developed and shaped through different emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges. In addition to this, my experience with initiation practices has allowed me to dedicate myself to the evolution of individual beings and the collective humankind.

In my early 20s, I began a process which lasted eight years of training and apprenticeship under the wings of a ‘Line of Mexican Toltec Shamans’, who graced me with their strength, knowledge and inner wisdom. A very special and valuable period of my life that gave me not only the experience of knowing this tradition from the inside, but also the opportunity to explore magic through an experience that transformed my life from its foundations.

During those years, I also dedicated myself to practice and research different Martial Arts and other methods of physical self-mastery, such as; Aikido, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Yu Do , Chi-Gong, Kundalini Yoga, Dance and different Meditation and Healing Techniques. Powerful tools and knowledge that gave me the opportunity to explore and understand (through my own experience) the power of movement, the importance of breathing (breathing techniques), the concept of energy and consciousness.

I also had the opportunity to study Environmental Engineering, for two years at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile. I also spent a further two years more studying Psychology at Universidad Central de Chile.  

Both degrees gave me the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the logical thought and structure that governs the academic and cartesian vision of life and human existence.

Then, I completed the academic period in my life with ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’ studies. This process lasted five years under the guidance of different masters at the ‘Latin American School of MTCH’. I was awarded with the specialty in Chinese Acupuncture and Osteopathy.

I also spent six of these years training as a Reiki Master in the Usui System, as well as studying as a Massage therapist at Doctor Sagrera Ferrándiz’s Spanish School of Manual Massage. And during this time, I studied many other therapeutic techniques including Shiatsu, Californian Massage and multiple techniques of Native Massages (from the ancestral traditions of America).

Since then, I spend the majority of my life studying healing methods, alchemy and shamanism. Exploring and immersing myself in the art of healing, creation and inner transformation. These disciplines provided me with the foundations for my spiritual path and philosophy of life.

After a decade of exploring and deepening all those disciplines, one day I spontaneously began to remember a knowledge that came to me from past lives. This knowledge has given me the keys to create my own methodologies; three disciplines focused on helping and supporting others in their journey of healing and awakening of consciousness;

1- Physio-energetic Alchemy, a method of healing and training - oriented towards the development of the potential of conscious mind. 

2- The Theater of Infinity, a method of personal development through artistic and bodily expression. 

3-Dance of the Unity, a method of experimental and spontaneous movement, with the intention of incarnating into the vibration of the unity. 

Since then, I have taken my methods, ceremonies and retreats to the whole world, spending over 13 years teaching, training and working with people all around the world. Sharing and expanding in various countries in South, Central and North America, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

After a journey of research and development that have lasted over 23 years, while living in Egypt in 2021, I founded the ‘Horus Project’ a mystery school focus on the initiation and guidance for people in the development of their own divine power. 

At present, during this year I will carry out the ‘Black Jaguar Tour’ in different countries around the world to continue with my mission to help and train people with the purpose of awakening their divine consciousness, in order to became beings with the power to co-create a different reality. Reality that has the purpose of love, balance, justice, respect, peace and collaboration between all the beings.


Method Creator of: Physio Energetic Alchemy, The Theater of Infinity and Dance of the Unity. Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist. 


Benjo Podlech


Grounded tiger that pushes the limits to wake up the soul potential. Spiritual comedian.


I was born in Chile, South America, and began making contact with spirits and other dimensions from the age of four. This alternative reality provided me with a space in which I felt completely loved and accepted, inevitably transforming my relationship with the invisible realm, into something more important than my relationship with the world of human beings.

Guided by my affinity with the subtle world, I was initiated into Reiki when I was only 12 years old. This experience awakened me to the inner world of the human being, establishing my path of healing, over 20 years ago.

At the age of 18, the death of my father marked an important milestone in my life, as it was from this moment that my education and any emotional support depended entirely on myself. This propelled the force of my soul to awaken, birthing the realization that it was up to me to create my true identity.

I began studying Psychology, a field in which I always stood out as an exemplary student. I acted as an official assistant to several different professors and departments of the subject and was selected to represent my university in the Latin American Debate Competition. Subsequently, I won a scholarship for Modern Philosophy, and a Psychiatrist course that focused on teaching techniques on how to work with the emotional body.

After completing a formal education, I continued studying and exploring Transpersonal Psychology for many years through practicing ‘Meditation’ and ‘Family Constellations’, both disciplines that greatly influenced my training, and later, my work as a therapist and facilitator.

Thereafter, I began my process in the world of coaching, training as an Ontological Coach and then as a Coach in NPL.

My next steps saw me working within different multinational companies, supporting specialist teams in the development of emotional skills for the evolution of consciousness, a very important chapter for my professional growth.

2011 brought me my first formal approach to the world of Shamanism, where I spent a lot of time learning through hot Temazcales, and the powerful medicinal plants, Ayahuasca and San Pedro. I spent many years working with shamans from different traditions and paths, which continued to provide me with opportunities to service others with my sensitivity, and new-found ability to hold ceremonies and rituals.

Eventually, in 2018, I began my journey and training with Ishtriahan; Alchemist, Shaman and Healer, who guided me through a personal learning process during a period of 4 years, in which I was able to delve into shamanism, the knowledge of Psilocybe Mushrooms, and the discipline of Physio-Energetic Alchemy.

As a result of all that I experienced, I began my work with “Masculine Energy Beyond the Patriarchy,” a sentiment that has supported hundreds of people (men and women) in Latin America and Europe, for over 8 years, through the healing of their masculine lineages.

I moved to Spain in 2015 to study a Master in Systemic Coaching and have lived in Europe ever since, continuing to develop my work.

This spiritual path has led me to unite the knowledge of psychology and coaching with the ancestral wisdom of shamanism. It is my intention to help people cultivate their inner magic and consciousness, to improve their overall health and well-being, with the purpose of serving life and ‘the great mystery’.


Psychologist, Coach, Shaman

Degree in Transpersonal Humanistic Psychology.

Coach Practitioner NPL. Ontologic and Body Coach. MA in Systemic Coaching.

Facilitator of the “Masculine Mystery Beyond Patriarchy” (for men and women).


Benjo will be accompanying Ishtriahan to host the Egypt Retreat from 4th - 15th January 2023

master breath instructor, reiki healer & yoga/meditation teacher



As a registered SOMA breath instructor and someone who has trained direct with ICE MAN HOF; I will empower you to live a better and fuller life. Training the body with intermittent hypoxia for immune boosting and cardiovascular strengthening. An intense breathing exercise which incorporates different specially created music to activate different parts of the brain during training. Using the power of breath to enhance your physical and mental health, repair cells and tissues in the body and reverse a multitude of disease ad illness. We will strengthen the mind-body connection and work directly with human energy as well as immunity and mental strength. Learn how to step into altered states of consciousness at will and expand your self awareness & mind/body connection.

Shaina of Namashai Wellness is a master breath instructor as well as reiki healer & yoga/meditation teacher & trauma release therapist has brought meditation to you with a modern day twist - with music which has been specially created to take you into a deep state of euphoria. Step into your higher places of consciousness and activate the warrior within you! With over 15 years of experience I have awaited these years to bring this magic to humanity


Shaina will be accompanying Ishtriahan to host the Egypt Retreat from 5th - 16th December 2022